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From the desk of: Justin Lookadoo, Author of the #1 Bestseller Dateable
and Family Success Strategist.

Dear Parent, Grandparent, Child Advocate and Protector,

If you are interested in protecting your child, or grandchild, making sure they know right and wrong, and helping them find their place in this world, then you are in the right place.

I travel across America speaking to students in schools, conferences and churches and it breaks my heart to see the disconnect between what the parent does and what their child needs. It seems like a cruel joke where we blindfold the parent, spin them around, hand them the darts that will help direct their child and hope they hit their target.

I'm here to take the blindfold off. I want you to see clearly what your kids need from you and how to give it to them.

Because you took the initiative to come here, I want to give you a couple of Free gifts.

Free Gift #1: Free Special Report entitled "5 Things Your Child Wished You Knew But Doesn't Know How To Tell You:
Where you will learn the insider secrets to connect with your kid on a deeper level and direct them toward joy in their life.
Free Gift #2 Free MP3 Download on the same subject:
Packed with quality content to show you exactly what your kids need...from their eyes. They are the experts here, let's learn from them.
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To Your Family Success!
Justin Lookadoo

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"I am so glad that I got Justin�s system before it was too late."
My parents signed me up for the Parenting Success Goldmine System. The things Justin talks about are real. They are the issues that I have had with my first teen and I am pretty sure I will have with my second. I am so glad that I got Justin�s system before it was too late. The techniques and insights have already made a difference in the way I do things.
Michelle Miller
Parent of Two Boys
Whitehouse, Texas


"I hope that every parent invests in the Parenting Success Goldmine."
Justin came and spoke to our students and then he spent time with our parents. It was supposed to be a 30 minute program but the parents were so into it and were getting the info they were hungry for that we finally had to shut it down after 2 hours. After listening to his real-life tips for parents I hope that every parent invests in the Parenting Success Goldmine. It would sure change a generation!

Rob Grotheer
Father of Two
Savannah, GA



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